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Parallel Twin Screw & Barrel
78mm Parallel Twin Screws
70mm parallel twin screws
100mm parallel twin screw
Parallel twin screws with gear handle
60mm Parallel twin screw barrel for pe/pvc pelletizing
KMD80*2 Parallel twin screws
67mm*2 parallel twin screw barrel
60mm Parallel Screw Barrel for Plate
65mm Parallel Screw for Sheet Extrusion
Weber88 Parallel Screw & Barrel
AMUT90/2 Parallel Twin Screw
Battenfeld BEX110*2 Screw & Barrel
KMD90/2 Parallel Twin Screw
Ф28 parallel twin screw&barrel
Ф24 parallel twin screw&barrel
full-cover bimetal twin screw
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