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Screw & Barrel For Extrusion Machine
Screw & Barrel for Plate Extrusion
PET Bottle Screw & Barrel
Mixing screw for extrusion
Series extrusion screw
Super high output/high speed screw
HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE Blown Film Screw
BM type Screw
Ф45 Screw for PVC Shrink Film
Ф45 Screw for PVC Blower
Ф45、Ф55 HDPE/LDPE Screw&Barrel
Ф140 Vented Screw
Grooved Barrel
Series PE Screws
75mm PVC Screw & Barrel
Rubber Barrel
Ф65 screw&barrel for pvc pipe
screw & barrel for extrusion machine
Ф60 PA screw&barrel
Screw & Barrel For Extrusion Machine
Ф120HDPE LDPE high speed screw
Ф90 HDPE LDPE screw&barrel
Ф90 screw&barrel for pvc pipe
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