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Material Application

A brief introduction of the imported material we use
German Steel:GH113' 2250' 2842' 1.8509' 1.442' 1.6582' 1.6523' 1.2080' 1.4542' 1.5752 1.4021' 1.2365' 1.4057' 1.4006
Japanese Steel:SKT4' YXM4' YXM42' SNC815' SK-3' SKS3' SKS41 SKD12' SKD61 FDAC' DC53' SLD' HPM38' SKH-9' SUS10' SUS5' SUS630
American Steel:P20' 420' L6' H13' W110' D3' A2' D6' O1' S1' M35' 8620' 3115' K52440
Sweden Steel:718S' 718H' S136' S136H' STAVAX' ASP-23' ASP-30
Austria Steel:M202' M300' W302' W460' W300' K900' K100' W321
Flinty tungsten steel:YG6X' YG6A' YG6' YG8N' YG8' YG8C' YG11C' YG15' YT5' YT14' YT30

A brief introduction of the domestic material we use


Material Specifications
Extruder screw and barrel
* High-quality alloy steel
1) 38 CrMoA LA (JIS SACM645)
2) 42 CrMo (JIS SCM440)

Heat treatment
* Nitriding
* Hard chrome plating
* High-frequency quenching
* Spray corrosion resistance, wear double metal layer
* Vacuum hardening
Bimetallic bi-metal screw barrel
Dual alloy screws from the top of the previous PTA dental spray, high-speed update the equipment used (HP / HVOF) sprayed full alloy Pifu of technology. WPT1 corrosion-resistant alloys tested in nylon, PVC, PC, PMMA, etc., WPT2 wear-resistant alloy tested in high temperature resistant nylon fiber glass, powder, magnesium powder, bakelite injection molding, etc., WPT3 both WPT1, WPT2 two properties, resistance to wear resistant high temperature.
Double-barrel aspects of alloy melt. Tungsten alloy from the previous 10% to 30% and 50% tungsten carbide, can be processed as from the length of
Conical twin screw and double hole barrel
* High-quality alloy steel
1) 38 CrMoA LA (JIS SACM645)
2) 9 Cr18MoV

Surface Treatment
* Nitriding
* Spray corrosion resistance, wear double metal layer

* Nitriding layer depth: 0.50-0.80mm
* Nitriding hardness :900-1000HV
* Nitriding brittleness: ≤ a
* Surface roughness: Ra0.4
* Screw Straightness: 0.015mm
* Chrome surface hardness after nitriding: ≥ 950Hv
* Chrome plating thickness: 0.025-0.085mm

Conical Twin Screw
Conical twin screw and barrel level for a variety of low-filled PVC pipes, profiles, sheet and other extrusion processing.
Ultra-cone twin screw and barrel, for a variety of PVC pipe, profile processing.

Flat twin screw and barrel
Different to the twin screw and barrel, suitable for PVC pipes, profiles, sheet extrusion, PVC granulation.
Twin Screw, PVC and other materials for the remodeling of granulation.

Main Specifications
◆ different to the parallel twin screw and barrel: Φ50-Φ180
◆ Aspect Ratio: L / D = 16-36
◆ conical holes screw and barrel: Φ35-Φ105

1, Material: 38CrMoAlA, nitrogen treatment, the surface hardness of HV ≥ 920, nitride layer depth 0.5-0.8 mm.
2, material: substrate 38CrMoAlA, wearing surface alloy by plasma spray processing of imports, corrosion resistant alloy layer thickness of 1.5 mm or more, can effectively improve the screw and barrel life.