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Enterprise Culture

  "Doing fine screw, cast credit quality", the company has always been to seek technical innovation as the core of the development of enterprises in order to "re-create the details of seeking high-quality cast Future" program of action, and ultimately "innovative, collaborative human values," the harmony and unity .

   The construction of enterprise culture
"Yesterday is today's economic culture, the culture of today is tomorrow's economy," the corporate culture is undeniable. Oushengda in the knowledge economy, globalization, information technology, network and so the rapid development in the 21st century, to meet the requirements of the times, to create a more humane, creative, dynamic, scientific culture.

"Wolfson of the soul."
Is the "corporate values." Concept of dominance and control of human action, the concept of establishing a more complete system, like the brain, stored in the enterprise a map, you can travel without fans in the right direction, and the body affects the business, quickly to be effective. At the same time, Wolfson of the enterprise to establish new social-oriented business philosophy and customer-oriented business philosophy, customer-driven business principles to "quality - strength - service" features, to achieve sustainable socio-economic development and prosperity of sync prosperity.

People management
Wolfson of the cultural system, people throughout the inside and outside the administration, performance at all levels. Its formation and deepening, not only to the "body Wolfson of culture," the strong, but also Wolfson of the fundamental enterprise development. Wolfson of the importance of human resource management institution-building, focus on people's "choice, use, education, stay in" work, democratic management, employees listen to the views and opinions of the enterprise.

Cross-cultural management
Enterprise between the various sub-cultures, between different individuals, there are naturally a considerable degree of inconsistency, if you do not address these differences, do a business will eventually fall apart. Therefore, China has actively Wolfson of cultural integration in order to "seek common ground" principle, fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, and the gathering from a long integration of refining, prof.